Insurance Litigation


inner_list1 Are you having difficulties with your insurer in relation to a lawsuit? If so, the Insurance Litigation Lawattorneys at Dawson & Ozanne can help you to get the money that you deserve. Insurers are becoming richer and powerful. These companies acquire their wealth by selling policies and collecting insurance premiums while minimizing the payments of their claims to their customers. Insurers can delay, deny the payment demanded, or offer very little money compared to what you are looking for. This should not be the case! Insurance companies have many obligations to its policyholders, such as acting in good faith and conducting fair dealings. Insurance customers pay enough money to ensure good coverage in the case that unfortunate events occur. Ensure that you do not receive less than the compensation you demand. Depending on your policy, if you are insured, you may be entitled to full compensation for your losses. These issues may arise as a result of injury or damage of your or others’ property during a car accident, abuse of loved ones (nursing home, school, hospital, etc.) or natural disasters (home flooding, hurricanes, earthquakes, tornados, etc.). You can address issues related to these events, such as properly completing claims forms and understanding provisions in your policy, by working with one of the experts at our law office. At this point, our attorneys will help you understand your needs and guide you along this arduous process.

Insurers have an obligation of fiduciary duty to their policyholders. Fiduciary duty is the legal duty to act only in your best interests. Even though observance of their fiduciary duty to the customer is ideal, sometimes insurance companies can carry out practices that result in an unfair rejection of demands. These practices are conducted to find technicalities in the policy giving the insurer a loophole to avoid payments to its policyholders. The finding of these technicalities can lead to a breach of contract, allowing insurers to intentionally abuse their power and intimidate their policyholders to accept a smaller amount instead of a fair and just settlement. Please do not allow your insurer to do this to you. If your insurer breached their contract, you can sue the company for the compensation that you deserve.

These demands should be investigated by an experienced and capable attorney who knows how to recover money for the insured. Dawson & Ozanne attorneys have many years of experience in handling these cases for California residents and can advise you and your family immediately if you call our offices. You can also fill out our Contact form on the Contact tab of our site for a quick response. Dawson & Ozanne has carried cases of litigation against insurance companies in California with a track record of success. Please contact our offices today at (760) 877-9552 for a free consultation. Our firm has successfully represented many clients in relation to issues in litigation against insurance companies and claims of coverage. We have provided our services, successfully, in a variety of contexts. Please allow our firm to help you and your family to be justly compensated.

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