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inner_list2Our experience in employment law shows us that there is only a slow and fledgling Employment Lawawareness of the labor rights of workers in our country, probably a reflection of the recent nature of labor law and a traditional underestimation of labor practice and principles. However, it is employment law which encloses the culture and image of a country. The attorneys at Dawson & Ozanne join the tireless company that has always sought to find harmony between the law, the economy and the social interest here in southern California. Our philosophy is simple: we understand that all economic systems are based on the work performed by people, who are not just numerical entities devoid of ability. At Dawson & Ozanne, our focus is to serve those people and resolve the basic problem and task of every society: the coexistence of peace and respect for the human being.

Here at Dawson & Ozanne, you will find lawyers immersed in the practice of employment law, the science of law which focuses on the protection of the rights of the worker, given their weaker economic and legal position against the employer. Employment law is a heteronomous and independent regulatory system that regulates certain types of dependent employment and labor relations.

Our expert employment lawyers have years of experience with diverse labor issues, from layoffs to accidents at work. Our goal is to provide comprehensive, rapid and necessary counseling for the worker’s decision in facing labor uncertainty. To do so, at Dawson & Ozanne, we will respond to your queries via e-mail or phone, as well as directly in our office located in Carlsbad. Below, please find some areas of our expertise:

Work, Individual, & Collective Labor Law

Areas of experience include hiring, termination of contract, collective bargaining (bargaining that takes place between workers of a company through a union and representatives of the company), union relations, formation of trade unions, and collective agreements.

Other areas of focus include accidents, protection of constitutional rights (right to work, minimum wage entitlement, severance pay, etc.), anti-union practices, and claims for administrative fines.

In addition to those areas mentioned above, the constitution also protects against abuses in areas related to the working day, social security, health and safety at work, right to organize, and right to strike and lockout.


Social Security

Areas of experience include knowledge of regulations applicable to pension and social security matters and managing social security and its relationship with the company in question.

Aliens & Migration

Areas of expertise include management of migratory permits and location of foreign workers who come to serve companies in the United States. Our attorneys also have extensive experience in litigation, allowing us to determine from the outset the expectations and plausible possibilities against a judgment or labor procedure. We know that every situation and labor problem is unique, therefore we want to consider each answer in how it relates to your situation.

In summary, at Dawson & Ozanne, clients will find thorough advice that will ensure the best result of his or her judgment. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us on the Contact tab of this site or at (760) 877-9552.

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