Business Litigation

Sometimes You Need Business Litigation to Protect You or Your Business


Today’s modern world is full of information and that information has never been easier to access. A person can sit down at a computer at home and in a click of a button have access to millions of websites full of a person’s or business’s information. If you have a business, people having access to your information is a double edged sword; on one hand it is great that so many people can access your company’s information, but on the other hand, a malicious person can also steal your ideas and other parts of your business and try to sell these ideas as their own. It is for this very reason that business litigation is needed to protect you or your business from the unlawful practices of other businesses. Here are a few examples of situations where if you have been wronged, you would be well advised to seek counsel from the experienced legal team at Dawson & Ozanne.

Intellectual Property

For most individuals or businesses, when they come up with a recipe for success that makes them profitable, they will try and secure their rights to this method of success. Activities such as writing a bestselling self-help book, designing a special logo that identifies your business, or creating a special process that makes your business successful are all forms of intellectual property. These are most likely protected by law through such avenues as Patents, Copyrights, Trademarks and other legal tools. When another company tries to steal one of these things from you to make money, they are breaking the law and proper business litigation can help you stop them from profiting off of your hard work and ideas.

Finance and Investing

When you place your trust in a business that handles finance and investing, then they are supposed to act responsibly with that money and if they don’t then you have the right to pursue business litigation. Things such as predatory lending or an investment broker that does not look out for your best interests are illegal and business litigation can help you regain some of your financial loss.



Insurance is supposed to protect you and make you whole after a loss. Unfortunately, insurance companies employ a team of people that are experts at giving you as little money as possible for your claim. If you have not been compensated satisfactorily for a justified claim then you most certainly have the right to seek a business litigation lawyer to help you get made whole again as stated in your insurance policy.

These are just a few examples of areas where if you have been wronged, business litigation may come in handy for you. They only scratch the surface of all the different ways business litigation can protect you or your business. So, if you feel you have been unfairly taken advantage of by another business, then take the time to sit down with an experienced business litigation lawyer and get their opinion as to whether you have just cause to pursue a business litigation case.

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